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Parquet Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Parquet, or patterned flooring, first became popular in 17th century France. It consists of a pattern created by individual wood blocks to form a floor, but can cause problems in solid and engineered forms. Vinyl replicates this pattern for a much cheaper and more practical and convenient way. There are many shades and parquet styles available with the comfort based benefits of LVT, meaning these floors are perfect for any home wishing to add style or sophistication.

Parquet was created to replace marble flooring that caused rotting underneath, and was used commonly is homes of the rich and elite. Even now, these associations of luxury and elegance remain, meaning you can incorporate such an atmosphere in your home cheaper and easier than ever before with parquet flooring, and even moreso with the vinyl version.

Parquet flooring overall works best with other traditional décor, such as antiques, fireplaces, and large windows – these can also add a sense of grandeur that the flooring itself already facilitates. There are multiple patterns available, such as the popular herringbone and chevron varieties, but also more abstract and unique patterns too. Feel free to order unlimited free samples in order to find out which you like best.

Vinyl is often preferred to wood parquet, as it is easy to clean, able to provide warmth, comfort and cushioning underfoot, and is useable with underfloor heating. It is also better able to handle changes in temperature, and spaces with moisture and humidity, making it possible to install in kitchens and bathrooms with spillages and water.

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