Slate Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Slate can used to create uniform tile patterns, or more abstract artistic flooring looks. However, as real slate has many impracticalities, it is often better to get a vinyl alternative. Our vinyl slate effect tiles come in a variety of shades, patterns, dimensions, and well-respected brands, there is something for every home or commercial space.

Vinyl authentically replicates the look of slate but without the rough texture underfoot. Slate can also be cold, hard and unwelcoming in a home, meaning a homely, warm and soft vinyl alternative may be better. It is also significantly easier to clean, since it can just be wiped clean with little cleaning products. Real slate may also stain and scratch with certain furniture or footwear, so isn’t ideal for some high use areas.

Although slate is slip resistant, vinyl also has this property, meaning it can too be used in bathrooms or kitchens where spillages occur. However, vinyl is much softer in barefoot, making it a preferable option in bathrooms. Slate tiles that are layed using grouting can cause mould and mildew buildup in moist rooms too between tiles; this is another thing eradicated though vinyl.

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