Square Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Our square LVT options have been organised into one place by popular demand. Square LVT’s incredible popularity comes from its geometric uniformity that helps create flawless, attractive and intriguing symmetrical patterns. Square styles are also traditionally popular, with newer styles more likely to be oblongular. LVT itself is extremely beneficial in all areas of the home, outperforming the natural materials it so convincingly emulates in looks and practicality.

The Benefits

In aesthetic terms, LVT supplies no surprises with grain, knots, shade variation or other natural imperfections that are common with real wood or stone. Because of this, you can more accurately control the look of your home and achieve the aesthetic you desire. As opposed to solid wood and stone, LVT is also suitable in every room of the home, including bathrooms and conservatories, due to its 100% waterproof qualities and ability to withstand humidity. The scratch and stain resistant polyurethane wear layer is one of the reasons for this, as well as the PVC construction that makes up the sturdy and durable body. In fact, LVT is so durable, that some have guarantees of 30 years! They are ideal if you want the wood or stone look in a bathroom with easier cleaning, and a softer feel underfoot that won’t become damaged.

The Choice

Our wide range of options are available in a variety of small to large sizes, and come in an incredible range of shades and thicknesses. Well known brands are available, as well as our own Nest for those looking to save money. Whether you are looking for a classic stone or modern abstract and artistic effect, you will find it all here.

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