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Wood Effect Vinyl Plank Flooring

Wood effect vinyl is much better than solid or engineered wood in a variety of ways. This includes appearance, practicality and price, as well as being a more short term and flexible flooring option.

As you can see from our products below, each floor looks not dissimilar to the wood, finish and grain it is trying to emulate. To add to this, many contain textures than make the flooring feel like the real thing too. There are a variety of shades, species and designs available, meaning you can create a modern and uniform prime grade appearance, or if you prefer, a rustic, distressed and homely one. Unlike some real woods, this look will not fade over time, meaning that you will get excellent value for money, a consistent look over the years, less maintenance that takes money and time, and a wider variety of rare species.

Other practical benefits include the ability of vinyl to resist scratching and staining to retain its look for longer. It also doesn’t not become damaged in moist, humid or temperature fluctuating environments, meaning the wooden look can now be achieved in bathrooms, kitchens and conservatories where these conditions are present. Real wood in these conditions would warp and shrink and thus is not suitable

Vinyl is available in a variety of thicknesses, meaning there are thicker options which can last a very long time depending on the guarantee on that particular product, and can withstand high footfall in homes or even commercial environments. In high footfall spaces, the easy cleaning of vinyl will also come in handy, as well as the low upfront and maintenance costs (i.e. sanding and refinishing) which will help those just starting out on the property ladder or in the business world.

Some woods like Hickory are not admired by most people, and are hit or miss. For this reason, it is useful to get a vinyl floor that can be removed easily when you want to sell your home. This will allow you to attract more buyers and increase value if replaced with a less controversial alternative.

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