Polyflor Expona Commercial

Polyflor Expona Commercial Vinyl Flooring is a gorgeous, long lasting, highly affordable, easy to install flooring option that is guaranteed to leave you completely satisfied. Its durability is one of its main attractions, but certainly not the only one. Vinyl flooring is some of the most durable flooring out there, due to the fact that it resists damage and scratches in a way that other flooring material won’t. Vinyl tiles don’t wear down, and so they seldom need replacing or repairing.

On the rare occasion when repairs are needed, there’s still no need for stress. The process is as simple as pulling up the affected tile and putting down a new one. You don’t need to even touch the rest of the floor.

The floor itself should last a good couple of decades before it needs to be replaced, especially if it has been installed properly – and proper installation is easier than you can imagine. Vinyl flooring is just about the most straightforward flooring option on the market when it comes to putting it in. If you are an adventurous DIYer, you won’t even need to hire a professional.

That said, the preparation for the installation can be a bit tricky. The subfloor needs to be perfectly dry and even. So do be sure to read up carefully, or enlist the help of someone who really knows what they are doing when it comes to flooring.

If the installation is easy, so is cleaning and maintenance. Vinyl floors make spills hassle free in a way that other types of flooring could never match. Any stray liquid just sits right on top of the floor's surface and can simply be mopped away. There’s no danger of it seeping in and damaging the floor.

The fact that vinyl flooring is waterproof makes it a particularly good option for rooms with a lot of moisture in the air – laundry rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, etc. But it can be used just as well in other areas, and as the name suggests, it's tough enough for high-traffic commercial and office spaces.

Another advantage of vinyl floors is the range of design options they offer you. The Polyflor Expona Commercial Vinyl line comprises a wide array of elegant styles that include Grey Plywood, Grey Concrete, Cream Swirl, Stone Silver Slate and more. Each of these options is designed to look just like a traditional wood or stone floor while offering you all the advantages of vinyl.

If you are having trouble choosing a design, just ask for samples. Free samples are an industry standard that any flooring company worth its salt will be able to offer its customers. Luxury Flooring and Furnishings is no exception. We understand that you’ll need to be able to imagine how your floors are going to look given the light and décor of the installation site.

So we are happy to provide you with a little taste of our high quality flooring products, to help you decide what’s right for you.

But whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong. Polyflor Expona Commercial Vinyl Flooring is certain to please, no matter what your particular flooring needs.

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