Polyflor Expona Control

Polyflor Expona Control Vinyl Flooring is an excellent choice for high-end, affordable vinyl flooring in a solid range of style options. The Polyflor Expona Control selection has several different styles to choose from, and each of them comes with a 0.70mm wear layer, and has a total thickness of 2.5mm. Each model is also a prime example of leading flooring company Polyflor’s expertise in vinyl flooring conception and design.

The designs in the Expona line replicate natural wood and stone flooring. You have the choice between Classic Oak, Light Elm, Smoked Limestone and more. If there are a couple of designs that appeal to you, ask us for a free sample. We know our customers need to be able to see how our products are going to look in what will become their native environment, so we are glad to be able to provide samples to anyone who asks.

That way, you can take a couple of different styles of Polyflor vinyl tiles home, and see which plays best with the light in the room where you are hoping to install them, and which is a good match for your home décor.

Beyond the wide range of choices, one of the biggest advantages of the Polyflor vinyl flooring available at Luxury Flooring and Furnishings is how long they last. Vinyl flooring is exceptionally durable!

This is a product that is resistant to all the standard threats – particularly scratches and moisture – that can damage more traditional types of floors. This means that vinyl floors hold up for a long time; as long as 20 years if they are well installed. So they last just as long as a solid wood floor will before it needs its first sanding.

The fact that vinyl floors are waterproof makes them a great product for those rooms where the moisture in the air is high and spills are likely. They are a good bet for kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms. The sturdy "wear layer" on the surface of all Polyflor vinyl products is to thank for its rugged durability, and it also helps make cleaning very easy.

We all know spills are inevitable on any floor in the house, but with your vinyl floors, at least they will be quick and easy to clean up. Liquid will just sit on top of the wear layer and wait to be wiped away.

Another great thing about Polyflor vinyl flooring is the ease of installation. It's so easy, in fact, that you can probably even put them in yourself and avoid paying hefty professional fees. That’s what makes these floors a favourite among DIY enthusiasts.

Ease of installation also means ease of repair and maintenance. If a tile or two is damaged, you don’t have to worry about sanding and refinishing the whole floor as you might with wood flooring. You just lift up the affected tiles and put down some new ones.

But perhaps the biggest benefit? Polyflor Expona Control Vinyl Flooring won’t break your budget. They are some of the most affordable floors on the market, and with all the benefits listed above to boot!

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