Quickstep Livyn Balance Glue Plus Vinyl Flooring

Since their inception, Quickstep have remained focused on quality and an insatiable hunger for innovation. Their ‘Livyn’ luxury vinyl tiles have resultantly become highly respected amongst flooring experts and homeowners alike, with features such as durability, comfort and competitive pricing. Balance Glue Plus is no exception to this, which offers a wide variety of natural wood looks suited for homes from the homely and cosy, to the elegant and sophisticated. No matter which you prefer, you are sure to

The Benefits

In addition to the wonderful physical benefits, the maintenance benefits are plentiful too. For example, the glue down installation method vastly reduces cost per square metre compared to similar Quickstep Livyn ranges, and allows for extra stability in higher footfall homes where a floating floor just won’t do. Each plank is 2.5mm thick, allowing for generous resistance against everyday wear and tear, evident in the 25 year warranty that comes with each floor. To enhance durability further, Balance Glue Plus has been treated with a scratch and stain guard, making them even useable in homes with children or pets. Any setting can also benefit from the 100% waterproof qualities and the ability to withstand direct sunlight, including conservatories, bathrooms or kitchens where authentic wood would not be suitable. With all this in mind, what better substitute could there be for real wood flooring?

We like to make sure you are spoilt for choice here at Luxury Flooring. That’s why we stock only the biggest and best ranges of LVT. Please don’t hesitate to order free samples of different shades and styles to see which would look and feel best in your home.

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