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Beige Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Beige can come in many shades, from light to dark, in wood, tile or stone effects. This tends to be accurate to the natural shade of the material, as most wood and stone can be considered beige or brown, meaning the floors in this collection are realistic.

Beige is neutral is tone, meaning it can match any décor without looking out of place. It prevents a room being too plain or dull like other neutrals may, especially with the designs of vinyl we stock. This versatility makes it convenient when you are wanting to redecorate in future, as you will have greater options to choose from.

Beige can make a room appear lighter, thus larger and more welcoming – this is true especially in rooms with plenty of natural light. Try pairing beige with similar coloured furniture with green and brown décor for a natural atmosphere, or cream for example for a modern theme.

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