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Black LVT

Black is a classic vinyl flooring colour, particularly in the tile or slate effect. In stone or wood style however, this can create a unique yet natural look, that allows the modern to merge with the traditional, and a rustic yet sophisticated look to be achieved.

Black creates a modern and sophisticated look in any home, and can be combined with any colour scheme. This is because it is a neutral colour, so monochrome themes can be achieved, as well as all black, or with hints of colour. Gold or red will help increase class in a room for example, whereas rich bright greens make a statement and offset the dark tone and prevent it from being intimidating. Natural light in a room also helps achieve this effect.

Black can make a room appear smaller due to its darkness, which can be a good or bad thing. In smaller rooms, it may make a room shrink further, meaning lighter décor should be used alongside it to prevent this, particularly white that adds a sense of depth. Larger rooms with black can be made less intimidating and more welcoming with black on the other hand, demonstrating the versatility.

Finally, black can hide stains well, meaning if you cannot always clean right away, you will still have a beautiful floor.

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