Blue LVT

As wood and stone does not naturally come in blue, vinyl flooring is a good way of achieving this stunning aesthetic without the risk of ruining expensive authentic stone or wood flooring. There are different tones that have different connotations depending on other factors in the room.

Light blue is more relaxing, cool and vibrant compared to dark blue, which is warmer, homey and more relaxing. Blue is different in a floor, and the light variety is more favoured in bathrooms which often aim for an aquatic effect. Dark blue however is much more versatile to be used in other rooms of the home, especially if the blue is subtle enough to make people look twice. In bedrooms, it can be highly relaxing and aid sleep, as well as darken the room to make it more cosy.

Light blue pairs well with white for a light and spacious look, or cream and light wooden or sand coloured hues to increase warmth and a beach aesthetic. Alternatively, try dark blue with dark wood colours, or monochrome tones, or even other blues in bedsheets for example. The boldness of the shade is better complimented this way.

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