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Brown LVT

Although we have a wide variety of effects, brown LVT is most common on wood and stone varieties, where this shade is most commonly found. As this is often combined with texture, the tiles in this collection are realistic in appearance and feel.

Brown can come in many shades. The darker varieties tend to imitate woods like walnut which are associated with class, homeliness and elegance. These will help add value to your home, as well as make it much more warm and comforting due to its traditional and timeless appeal. They also hide dirt more effectively and make a room appear smaller and more cosy. Lighter browns may be more effective in creating welcoming, contemporary atmospheres and make a room appear more spacious. They look best in rooms with lots of natural light as the light enhances its effects.

Due to its welcoming nature, brown suits living rooms or other social areas, including commercial spaces such as cafes and retail stores. It is natural, meaning it will suit brown and green tones well, but also neutral, meaning it can suit any tone without looking out of place. Try black and white for more modern looks, or rich colours to make a statement.

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