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Dark LVT

Dark vinyl has the power to affect in room in stylistic and psychological ways. Dark flooring includes black, dark grey and brown, as well as darker colours such as navy blue. They tend to be deep and rich in shade and character, and can make a home seem cosy and homely, or mysterious and sophisticated.

Used amongst different décor, dark vinyl can have different effects. Dark wood colours for example make a home appear more rustic and homely, dark stone shades can make a classy and modern yet rustic look, and tile colours such as black can make a commercial space seem intimidating and important, especially when used with gold. Statement making colours used alongside darker colours are common among the artistic types, further demonstrating the versatility of these shades.

As dark colours tend to be neutral, this explains why they are so versatile – dark colours can be used in conjunction with any other colour décor or furniture without looking out of place, meaning you can redecorate however you like with successful results. If dark décor is used in a room alongside a dark floor however, this will make a room appear smaller, especially in rooms without much lighting. This is great if you have a large intimidating space you wish to make more welcoming and homely. Lighter décor can offset this effect however, meaning if your room is small already and you don’t want it to feel cramped, light tones should be accompany the floor and natural light is preferable.

Dark tones also help hide dirt easily, meaning if you live in a high footfall area, or have messy children and pets, the floor will look just then same regardless of when it was last clean. Whether you are trying to create a traditional or modern and chic atmosphere, there will be a dark shade for you.

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