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Grey LVT

Grey is common as a flooring colour for those wanting something unique, in wood, stone and tile effect. However, on vinyl flooring, the colour is much longer lasting than on wood, as it is artificial and can fade. Stone may also be too rough and uncomfortable for the real thing, so LVT is a great alternative that is indistinguishable from the authentic equivalents.

Grey is modern, sophisticated and elegant. It works alongside colourful as well as metallic decors, thanks to its neutral characteristics. This means it can be combined with any colour scheme or theme without looking out of place. Light greys can be minimal and a warmer alternative to white, whereas dark grey can be an alternative to black that avoids making a room look too dark and therefore smaller.

It may surprise some to learn that grey can in fact be calming and warm. This is due to the fact it is commonly placed in large room to make them appear smaller, or with bright accent colours that grey helps emphasise and compliment. Grey can also hide wear and tear or dirt well, meaning if you are a busy person, the look of your floor can be maintained until you have the time to clean!

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