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Light & Pale LVT

Light flooring is the best way to increase the light in a room that is dull and dark. A paler shade helps create a modern aesthetic, whereas a light yet bolder shade such as beige can add better help you work with darker colours and natural light without creating an overwhelmingly bright look.

Practically, light colours are normally neutral or faded, which better allows creativity – all colours will suit flooring with such characteristics. This is great news is you have moved into a new home or are totally redecorating and are wanting a blank canvas to work around so to speak.

If you have other things in the room that you wish to draw attention to, light colours will help other items or décor stand out by fading into the background, and letting your favourite antiques for example take centre stage. In addition, light shades can make a room seem much more spacious, making smaller rooms seem much better and larger rooms appear luxurious.

If you are worried about a room being too bright, simply offset the floor by using bold colours elsewhere in the room. Light flooring can also show up dirt easier, so ensure you install this flooring in a space with low footfall and no pets or shoes, otherwise clean it often for the best look.

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