Red is not a natural colour in wood or stone, hence any real material would have to be treated to appear this shade. Because of the expense that comes with this, and potential of fading or refinishing required, vinyl is the best alternative to get a red floor in your home.

As a tile effect, red is classic yet classy, and is commonly found in kitchens. Wood and stone effect however are much more rare, so add a touch of personality and uniqueness to a home. Each shade of red has different connotations, so make sure you order free samples to see which is best for the atmosphere you are trying to create.

Red is known generally for it associations with passion and romance, and creates a lively and vibrant atmosphere. Bolder light reds are more vibrant than any other, and darker reds are more mysterious and romantic. Dark reds should be used alongside black and low lighting for the most statement making effect, and light ones in rooms with lots of natural light and white or wooden tones for example.

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