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White LVT

White is a great flooring colour for creating a minimalistic theme, or symbolising sophistication and class. A more unusual colour in wood effect flooring, it can add a unique twist to your home, but in tile or stone effect, it is a popular and classic way to increase style.

White can create a calming and safe atmosphere for those in the room, and make it seem more spacious and welcoming. This is excellent for making rooms that are quite small larger and more attractive, especially if there is plenty of natural light. In darker spaces, the white can lighten the area and make it appear more positive too, showing how versatile white can be. In addition, white is neutral, making it versatile in terms of other décor – any colour will match it. This allows you to create any theme you like, whether you use statement making monochrome only, or compliment the flooring with brighter colours that stand out against the blank canvas that is white.

One disadvantage is that white shows more dirt, but vinyl has easy to clean properties so this shouldn’t be too big a problem, especially if you don’t wear shoes indoors and have no pets. It can also create a cold atmosphere, but depending on what lighting is used, the other décor in the room, or even the temperature of the location you live in can make this a good thing.

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