Beech Vinyl Floor Tiles

Beech effect vinyl flooring is highly similar to the real thing in appearance. Its pale white and pinkish brown tones are highly sought after but are often too varied for some tastes. For this reason, we have a large selection of vinyl floors that reflect many different and attractive combinations that come with this species of wood. Whether you want a more uniform and modern alternative, or a rustic traditional look, we have it for you at Luxury Flooring!

Beech matches well with wooden furniture, as well as any colour décor. This is because the shades of beech are neutral, so no colour will look out of place. Different colours however do create different atmospheres – black and white can look more sophisticated than rich greens and blues, although these more colourful tones make a house a home, and appear much more cosy. As beech is so light however, darker tones are recommended to best compliment the flooring.

Beech can create elegance within a home due to the perception of wood - which is highly durable in its natural form - as well as helping make a room lighter and more spacious. Vinyl flooring production involves no deforestation, so is useful if you care about the environment. There is also a much lower price tag than with the real thing.

It may look similar, but vinyl beech is much more practical than the real wood. Vinyl is easy to clean, reduces noise, resists scratches, spillages and water damage, and can be used with underfloor heating whilst retaining heat very well. This makes it ideal in spaces that are wet or where spillages occur, so is ideal for creating an attractive wood effect in any room without having to worry about ruining your floor!

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