Birch Vinyl Floor Tiles

Birch vinyl floor tiles are perfect for those who would like a balance of warm charisma and natural charm, combined with the unfaltering practicality of LVT. Performance is assured in any room - whether a wet room like a bathroom or kitchen, or humid and sunny room such as a conservatory or living room with underfloor heating - due to the exceptional wear resistance and durability of vinyl. Besides this, the latest technology and design innovations make for a photorealistic birch look too, making it impossible for untrained professionals to tell the difference between these floors and the authentic material. As a result, you’ll get the same timeless appearance of wood flooring, but with the additional benefit of a floor that can withstand any indoor conditions with little effort.

The Benefits

Due to the properties of LVT, it is finally possible to achieve the birch wood look in rooms where it was previously unpractical to do so. These properties include water resistance, with most brands being 100% waterproof, scratch and stain resistance, and stability against heat and direct sunlight. No warping or shrinkage will occur under these conditions unlike with real birch, and each plank will last up to 30 years without faltering in appearance or stability. These properties are thanks to the make up of LVT, with the core, backing and urethane wear layers being extremely hardwearing, non-absorbant and impenetrable. Finally, LVT is more slip resistant than many other materials, particularly the textured options, making these floors a preferred option for those with children or pets running around.

The Choice

Overall, birch LVT is a cost effective alternative to the real thing, and is perfect to achieve the classic wood look in rooms or homes it would not normally be able to be implemented in. We have carefully hand-picked brands we know are loved most by the public, which has enabled us to offer dimensions, shades and styles to suit any taste. Please browse the full collection and order as many free samples as you need to find the perfect floor for you.

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