Elm Vinyl Floor Tiles

Enthral your home with the classic charm of wood and the innovation of contemporary design with our elm vinyl floor collection. Each plank is built using the latest technological developments to recreate the natural complexities of authentic elm in hyper-realistic detail. LVT in general is a fantastic choice for any room in any home or commercial space, thanks to the water resistance, durability and easy maintenance of the material. Whether you choose to install in a bathroom, kitchen conservatory or shop floor, you will not be disappointed with the longevity, style and ease the tiles have to offer.

The Benefits

Elm is known for its highly decorative complexities, including unique grain patterns and mild to more extreme colour variation. This makes it highly desirable for those with luxurious taste, but often people are put off by elm’s weak and unstable properties, making it susceptible to movement when walked on, and not having a very long lifespan. This is where LVT comes in - you can solve these problems and achieve the look with greater practicality than the real thing. It is unusual for an LVT imitation to be better than the authentic material in many respects, but in the case of elm, we would always recommend an imitation. Once installed, your elm vinyl planks will look indistinguishable from the real thing, with additional benefits of stain and scratch resistance, waterproof qualities and usability in wet or humid environments with underfloor hearing and direct sunlight. All of this fails to mention the main benefit of price - LVT is much cheaper than solid or engineered wood but can still hold guarantees of up to 30 years for extra security that you are investing in a high quality product.

The Choice

We are always looking to improve the choice we have available here at Luxury Flooring. This is why we offer a wide range of elm LVT with prices, guarantees, dimensions and shades to suit all tastes. Some options are textured to allow for even greater realism, but there are also smoother options for those who don’t like this. Whatever you prefer, we will have the perfect product for you - please don;t hesitate to order multiple free samples to feel the quality of our products up close.

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