Larch Vinyl Floor Tiles

We stock a hand-picked selection of Larch vinyl floor tiles so you can bless your home with the attractive softwood charm of Larch without all the impracticalities that accompany the real thing. Each tile has a generous lifespan and exceptional durability to withstand footfall over time and the everyday wear and tear that comes with daily life. Practicality and consistent performance and aesthetics are assured under wet, warm or humid conditions, whether in bathrooms, kitchens or conservatories, giving you fantastic value for money throughout the decades. No matter your decor or taste, we are confident one of our larch LVT options will suit your home and lifestyle.

The Benefits

The lighter tones of larch are perfect for making your home appear larger, friendlier and more spacious. They create a relaxing feel that will make any guest feel at home, and accompany your furniture to create a luxurious aesthetic. With real larch however, lifespan and stability are not guaranteed as they are with LVT. For example, softwoods are naturally more susceptible to denting and scratching, whereas vinyl is resistant to these, as well as water resistant or even 100% waterproof, depending on the brand. It can also better withstand greater footfall without moving or becoming damaged, including in higher footfall commercial spaces. In addition, vinyl is much easier to maintain and clean than any type of wood, and the surface can be cleaned with water and a wide variety of cleaning products without you having to worry about damage.

The Choice

We only provide larch LVT by brands we feel are the highest quality yet best value for you. We do however offer a wide variety of dimensions, shades and styles so you have the largest selection possible to suit your decor and taste. Please order free samples to see which is best for you before purchase. Whichever you choose, you can rest assured that it will be virtually impossible to tell the difference between these floors and authentic larch.

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