Maple Effect LVT

Maple effect vinyl flooring is highly similar to the real thing in appearance. The grain of maple appears light, unique and curly, for a fun and distinctive flooring option. It is creamy and light with streaks ranging from dark brown to black, meaning the tones you receive in real wood may be unpredictable. For this reason, we have a large selection of vinyl alternatives that recreate the look without the unpredictability, as well as a more affordable price tag and practical benefits. Whether you want a more uniform and modern alternative, or a rustic traditional look, we have it for you at Luxury Flooring!

Maple matches well with wooden furniture, as well as any colour décor. This is because the shade of maple is neutral, so no colour will look out of place. Different colours however do create different atmospheres – black and white look more sophisticated than coloured tones, although more colourful tones make a house a home, and appear much more cosy. As a lighter shaded species, maple works better with darker tones for a more balanced look in the room – although lighter shades help maple’s ability to make a room seem more spacious and bright.

Maple creates elegance within a home due to the perception of the wood, but involves no deforestation, so is useful if you care about the environment. There is also a much lower price tag than with the real thing, which is one of the more expensive woods available.

It may look similar, but vinyl maple is much more practical than the real wood. Vinyl is easy to clean, reduces noise, resists scratches, spillages and water damage, and can be used with underfloor heating whilst retaining heat very well. This makes it ideal in spaces that are wet or where spillages occur, so is ideal for creating an attractive wood effect in any room without having to worry about ruining your floor! Unlike real maple, vinyl also does not yellow with age or stain unevenly to create a blotchy appearance, so is a highly practical alternative.

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